The Advanced Film Certification Program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve occupational certification in Advanced Film Manufacturing, including but not limited to: solar control window films, photovoltaic frontsheets and backsheets, lamination, precision coating and industrial dyeing.

Full program description




28 Credit Hours


This program has a dual purpose for workforce development of the region. 1) This program provides students basic knowledge and skills for entry into the PHCC Advanced Film Certificate program. 2) This program also provides entry-level skills and knowledge for employment in the Advanced Film industry and advanced skills for individuals currently employed in the field.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Program graduates have generic and/or specific occupational skills to be competitive in the field of Advanced Film.

Occupational Objectives:

Employment opportunities for graduates of this program might include Machine Operator, Quality Control Analyst, Lab Analyst and Warehouse Service Representative.

Admission Requirements:

Students must meet the general admission requirements established by the college. Students with deficiencies in English or Mathematics will complete appropriate developmental education courses.

Curriculum Requirements:

The student must satisfactorily complete all general education, program and elective requirements to receive a Certificate in Advanced Film.

Industry Certification:

A program graduate will be prepared for the Advanced Film Certification.

Student life

Patrick Henry Community College offers you the flexibility and affordability to achieve your higher education goals. For in-state students, the cost-per-credit-hour is low and over 100 scholarships and more than $9 million in financial are offered and awarded each year. The student-faculty ratio is 22:1 and four campus locations offer you convenient access throughout the Martinsville area. Best of all, PHCC partners with local businesses, such as Eastman and Commonwealth Laminating & Coating, to offer training that directly translates to future employment opportunities.

Hands-on Internships/Paid Internships

As part of your coursework, you may have the opportunity to perform an internship at either Eastman or Commonwealth Laminating & Coating. Not only will you learn valuable hands-on training, but you’ll also be working alongside and networking with potential future employers. Paid internships may be offered to those who qualify.

Scholarship Information

Scholarships are awarded to students who are enrolled in the Advanced Film curriculum with a pre-determined GPA and demonstrated financial need.